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BIM - Building information modeling

At Alpeng d.o.o. we started using BIM (Building Information Modeling) 3D digital model through which we design and build facilities.

The EU has adopted a directive that Member States should specifically encourage or even prescribe the use of BIM technology in the construction of major projects of public nature. Alpeng d.o.o. is among the companies which are ahead of time and have entered the demanding investment in modern software and knowledge.

The BIM 3D model consists of facilities or true architectural elements, mechanical and technological equipment and installations. During the drawing, it automatically adjusts to changes, inventories of spaces and volumes are automatic, and all this built-in logic allows (besides increased capacity) significantly less user interventions and less possibilities of errors. In planning, the possibility of errors is substantially reduced, thereby reducing the cost of building construction. 

The 3D model can be equipped with materials and we can quickly create attractive presentations of the exterior and interior, and increase the possibility of realisation using the visualisation.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of digital representation currently developed especially in the architectural, construction and engineering indrustries. Models of virtual objects are constructed and screened in a virtual environment. New models of buildings are used for the preparation of project documentation, construction and maintenance of the constructed object. 

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