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We are happy to inform the users from the Municipalities of Domžale, Kamnik, Komenda, Menges and Cerklje about the opening of the upgraded wastewater treatment plant Domžale – Kamnik.

The upgraded wastewater treatment plant has a capacity of 149,000 PE and accepts the wastewater from households that are connected to the sewage system and cesspool sludge and mud from small sewage treatment plants.

In accordance with the environmental permit, the plant also cleans wastewater from most of the industrial facilities in the receiving area and liquid waste. The upgrade has produced a better cleaning effect and all the parameters of the outflow in the Kamniška Bistrica river are below the maximum permitted levels (for example, the total nitrogen is below 10 mg/l and the total phosphorus is less than 1 mg/l.).

Due to the necessity of ensuring continuous operation and the values of the outflow into Kamniška Bistrica, the upgrading of the plant took place in several stages.



Youtube source: Miro Pivar