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KOCEROD - Regional center for waste management Koroška

Scope of work in which employees of Alpeng d.o.o. have participated: design for obtaining construction permit, detail design and as-built design for KOCEROD – Regional center for waste management Koroška in the following scale:

  • design of mechanical installations and equipment
  • design technology 

The complex of composting and MBO combines three technology areas: composting biodegradable waste, mechanical and biological stabilization of the waste (MBO) and air biofilter, which are located in three separate objects. The process of composting and MBT takes place in two separate operations in the joint facility. Refining compost and MBT takes place on two separate lines, which are installed in a common facility. From the building of composting and MBT air sucked through the air biofilter in the environment. From the facility for the refining of compost and MBT, the air sucked through the two bag filters in the environment. The air which is sucked out of the building composting and MBT are present odor emissions in the air from refining mainly dust.

The design of the annual amount of biodegradable waste that will kompostiral 1,500 t / year, this adds a further 1,500 t / year structural material, so the total mass flow in the system of composting 3,000 t / year.

The design of the annual quantity of waste MBO is 22,000 tons / year.



capacity facility biol. processing t/year 22.000